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 But is this really more solid, more scientific? ​ Let's have a look. But is this really more solid, more scientific? ​ Let's have a look.
-===== Our services are set by Tradition. ===== 
-We mostly do without impromptu prayers. We still pray to saints even after the Protestants proclaimed "They can not hear us." We still believe in the //Real Presence// of God in the Divine Mysteries while the Protestants toss the //left over bread// back into the bread basket. We reverence Icons as our prayers //pass over to the prototype// while the Protestants think we worship paint and wood. We offer sweet smelling incense with our prayers while the Protestants accuse us of air pollution. Our priests are still facing in the direction we face with their backs to us, leading us in prayer while the Protestants have Presiders and entertainers. ​ We still chant formal music written for worship while the modernists have guitars and more popular music. 
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